Download Magisk 25.2 • Latest version for Android 2022

Do you believe me if I tell you that you have not gotten the most out of your smartphone all your life? To end this and become the true master, we present the best solution to root, Magisk App (formerly Magisk Manager).

Simply put, Magisk is the most reliable and easy-to-use software that even newbies like you and I can easily root any Android device with the help of it.

To the more tech geeky friends who have already rooted their device from a firmware like SuperSU or KingRoot, I’d like to say it’s the right time to switch. You’ll also know why it’s the most secure platform you’ve tested to date.

Magisk App Featured

We recommend that you take a second and be aware of the risks before reading the article, as working with internal functions can damage the properties of your device.

So, keep an alert state of mind and focus on understanding everything before you get into the system setup.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What is rooting?

Developers usually blocked the user’s access to modify system files and change them according to their wishes.

In simple words, rooting can be described as a way to open a new door to expand functions and allow users to gain administrator privileges.

Usually, people root their device to expand the processing limitation, get lower performance to reduce battery consumption, and to modify the system partition.

It always relates to hacking as you easily get an extensive list of privileges that you don’t have before rooting.

There are a variety of apps that are only designed for use on rooted devices and can only be accessed if the system provided root permission.

Rooting your device can be a time-consuming task if you don’t know the proper order of steps. Other than that, there are different types of software on the market that grant root privileges.

But going to some malicious option would not be the right choice. That’s why we recommend Magisk, which has clean software and you don’t need to worry about security.

What is Magisk?

Magisk Manager APK

Magisk is a brilliant rooting tool that basically roots Android devices, being the safest solution on the market so far known.

In the history of rooting on Android, no one has changed or modified the system partition of the device during rooting, except Magisk. It sets all the essential files and modifications on the boot partition while giving you all aspects of the root.

Particularly, it creates its own space in the storage to root the device. To learn more about systemless, continue with the article. You’ll end up knowing how amazing this feature is!

Magisk works on the “systemless” interface unlike any other software that provides root that replaces or modifies the internal settings of system files. This feature is not present in the SuperSU, and that is why it is in high demand among technology enthusiasts.

On the other hand, it is a safe method to root any Android while ensuring security as its best feature.

Apart from this feature, there are many features behind which it becomes impressive and more popular. In particular, you can hide the root, keep the root in third-party apps, and much more.

Moreover, this software is the best for Xiaomi phones, as on these devices, you can easily add the TWRP “recovery” or patch the boot image and root your device accurately and safely.

What is Magisk App (Magisk Manager)?

Magisk App or Magisk Manager, it is the root permissions manager that is an integral part once we have Magisk ZIP installed. It allows you to grant tons of fantastic Magisk modules , or as some of you know them, custom ROMs to combine on your smartphone without paying anything.

You can also add your own modules, applications, themes, and software to the administrator repository.

As for the other functions, in a fully downloaded manager, it will show the verification status of SafetyNet to know if Google knows if we have root or not in a single click.

Some exceptional features of Magisk

Magisk has many functions with a lot of things that it can boast of, but we cannot list each of its features due to the large number of these. Although we will try to provide all the significant factors that make Magisk so different from other software.

Free and open source

Free Open Source Magisk

In a typical case, rooting software comes with a closed-source format, which does not allow developers to develop new modules and applications.

But this case did not happen in Magisk because it is open source. Anyone from any corner of the world can modify the software and create their own software.

As a result, it becomes more practical and user-friendly for developers right out of the box. This is also one of the reasons why it is so accessible over the Internet.

You can also create your own modified version of any application if you have any knowledge in programming. Unlike other programs, it has additional premium class features that arrive at no cost.

Magisk Mount

Magisk Mount

This could count as the best feature Magisk exhibits because it works on a “systemless” interface and is the best way to root an Android device.

The reason is that it does not interfere with any system file or its partition. All possible consequences occur on the boot partition, which means that there are no changes to the system files.

As for other software, they did not provide something like that in their configuration.

But, with the help of Magisk Mount, it tells the system that no particular change has been created on the system partition. The result of the whole process is that your device will acquire the OTA updates and security patch ready to use.



MagiskSU’s excellent combination is a better developed version of SuperSU on all terms. For example, accept/deny root permissions to certain apps and various settings that cannot be achieved with regular SuperSU. In addition, you can track the root permission in an accurate and secure way.

In addition to this, you can create your own modules or custom ROMs with a simple interface that allows you to design the modules. Without MagiskSU, you can’t publish modules, so make sure you have the latest version for a better user experience.

Some of you don’t know that in the past, this feature was removed, but it recovered after user demand in the Magisk 11 update to compete with the SuperSU standard.

At the time, it was only designed to work almost the same as SuperSU, but now it works even more efficiently.

Magisk Hide

Magic skin

Everything worked very well until Google launched SafetyNet. This software and MagiskHide are connected to each other. It becomes necessary to hide the root to some specific applications because they can activate SafetyNet and will not work until you remove the root from the device.

But friends, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. The problem mentioned above can be easily solved through Magisk Hide. Just go to the settings and select the Hide option and select the App and boom! Now the root is hidden for those applications.

In addition, nowadays, advanced feature applications, such as banking applications, high-end gaming applications, etc., develop ways to track root (similarto SafetyNet).

Module repository

Everyone wants better personalization, which is why a significant part of the tech community roots their device for more ways to take advantage of the personalized experience.

Magisk is based on modules that are applied to customize the interface. With the help of modules, you can make modifications whenever you want or you can simply add and remove them with just a few clicks.

The module repository seems to be a more than interesting option for your phone to look with another touch of customization. There are hundreds of thousands of custom ROMs present in which you can select the best module and the things you prefer.

If you want to give your phone a wonderful look, something like the Google Pixel phone, you can read more about the best modules you can implement on your device in 2022.

Download Magisk App 25.2 for Android 2022

After so much text, let’s get straight to the point and let’s see how to download the APK.

Version information

Nombre del archivo Magisk App
Última actualización 21 de julio de 2022
Versión 25.2
Tamaño de la aplicación 10.8 MB
Descargas totales 50,000,000+
Android requerido 5.0+
Desarrollador Topjohnwu

Note: The file we provide is 100% original, no changes to the source code, directly from the developer and contains no malware.If you have any doubts, you can download the Magisk package from the Github page and then rename it (.apk to .zip) or (.zip to .apk).It is our responsibility to inform you.

Magisk Changelog v25.2


  • [MagiskInit] Fix a potential issue when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix reboot to recovery when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix sepolicy.rules symlink for rootfs devices
  • [General] Better data encryption detection
  • [General] Move the whole logging infrastructure into Rust


  • [MagiskBoot] Fix ramdisk backup being incorrectly skipped
  • [MagiskBoot] Add new feature to detect unsupported dtb and abort during installation
  • [Zygisk] Change binary hijack paths
  • [App] Fix incorrect recovery mode detection and installation
  • [MagiskInit] Fix config not properly exported in legacy SAR devices
  • [General] Enforce the Magisk app to always match or be newer than magiskd


  • [MagiskInit] Update 2SI implementation, significantly increase device compatibility (e.g. Sony Xperia devices)
  • [MagiskInit] Introduce new sepolicy injection mechanism
  • [MagiskInit] Support Oculus Go
  • [MagiskInit] Support Android 13 GKIs (Pixel 6)
  • [MagiskBoot] Fix vbmeta extraction implementation
  • [App] Fix stub app on older Android versions
  • [App] [MagiskSU] Properly support apps using sharedUserId
  • [MagiskSU] Fix a possible crash in magiskd
  • [MagiskSU] Prune unused UIDs as soon as system_server restarts to prevent UID reuse attacks
  • [MagiskSU] Verify and enforce the installed Magisk app’s certificate to match the distributor’s signature
  • [MagiskSU] [Zygisk] Proper package management and detection
  • [Zygisk] Fix function hooking on devices running Android 12 with old kernels
  • [Zygisk] Fix Zygisk’s self code unloading implementation
  • [DenyList] Fix DenyList on shared UID apps
  • [BusyBox] Add workaround for devices running old kernels

  1. Download the latest version of Magisk App above.Download the Magisk Manager app
  2. Open the APK file you just downloaded to launch the installer.
  3. Next, you will see a pop-up window with a message, head to ‘Settings’ and enable the option of ‘Unknown sources’.Magisk Manager Enable unknown source
  4. Click on the Install option and wait a few minutes.Installing the Magic Manager
  5. Open the app and you’re good to go! You are already inside the Magisk App.

Download Magisk 25.2 ZIP Flashable

The second thing you need to do after downloading Magisk App, is to download Magisk ZIP flashable. Click the button below to download the ZIP.

How to Install the Latest Version 25.2 of Magisk on Android (Non-Rooted Devices)

If you have never rooted your device, here are the methods that will help you do so. Magisk is a surprisingly powerful tool that can root your device quickly, safely and reliably. It will be updated from time to time. All thanks to the developer.

I guess you have completed all the steps to download the Magisk App and the Magisk ZIP file from the links provided. Now it’s time to know how to install it.

Well, there are two methods with which you can easily root the device. Before starting the process, we would like you to take a minute and complete the reading since, without this, you can seriously damage your device. So, back up all the files and completely delete the data.

Method 1: Install Magisk using TWRP Recovery

Before starting the procedure, you need to install TWRP Recovery to flash the Magisk ZIP: Once done, follow the steps given below.

  1. Download Magisk ZIP if you had already done so and save them in the internal storage. Download Magisk ZIP.
  2. Remember the location where you downloaded the zip and now turn off your device.
  3. Press the Power Button + Volume Down to enter recovery mode. (The key combination may be different on your device, so Search Google.)
  4. When the TWRP recovery starts, it displays several options. Choose the “Install” option.TWRP Recovery
  5. Navigate to the folder where the zip you downloaded is and select the file .zip.TWRP Recovery Locate Magisk Zip
  6. Next, two options will be displayed, press the “Select Storage” button.
  7. Install the zip by sliding the bottom button, and wait until the zip flashes.TWRP Magisk Zip Recovery
  8. Now the Magisk is flashed in your system firmware. Now choose “Reboot System” to restart the device.TWRP Flash Magisk Zip Recovery
  9. That’s all! You have already successfully flashed Magisk ZIP on your device.

Magisk is now integrated into your system. But when your device reopens, you need to reinstall the Magisk App and then check if all the requirements are approved with the green tick, including the omission of SafetyNet. If yes, it means that you can already experiment with your newly rooted device.

Method 2: Install Magisk using a patched boot image

The second method is a bit more complicated than the previous one, but it is more reliable. If you don’t want to use TWRP, using a patched boot image is a great option.

Before using this method, you must perform the following steps

  • First of all, you need a PC and install the Android USB driver on it.
  • Get the original boot image for the device you are currently using.
  • Download the latest version of the Magisk App above.
  • Install the ADB driver on your PC’s C: drive.
  • Unlock your phone’s bootloader .

Steps to install Magisk using a patched boot image

  1. Make sure you have downloaded the correct stock boot image file.
  2. Now, open the installed Magisk app and select install Magisk.Installing Magisk Zip
  3. There will be two options, select the one that says: Select and Patch a File.Magisk Manager Select and patch a file
  4. Navigate to where you left the boot.img file and start the installation process.
  5. Wait a couple of minutes until the procedure is finished.Magisk Manager Application Flashing Module
  6. The name of the boot.img file will be changed to ‘patched_boot.img’ and you will need to add this file in the ADB drivers folder.
  7. Turn off and start your phone to open your device’s bootloader/fast boot.
  8. Connect the device to the PC with the help of a USB cable.
  9. Open the ADB driver folder and press SHIFT+right-click on any empty space in the folder.
  10. Then choose the option ‘Open PowerShell window here’ (or you can simply type ‘CMD’ in the top navigation bar while in the ADB folder)Open PowerShell window
  11. When you’re in PowerShell, type the following command.
    fastboot flash boot patched_boot.img
  12. Press enter and wait a few seconds.
  13. Now the process will be complete and we will enter a second command.
    fastboot reboot
  14. This command will restart your device.

Once everything is done, check in the Magisk App that all files are displayed with a green tick, which means that you have successfully installed Magisk on your device.

If for some reason, you want to uninstall Magisk, the steps provided below will help you do so. But as a precaution, be sure to remove all modules and software before uninstalling it.

How to uninstall Magisk and unroot Android

As it happened when installing, there are two uninstall methods that will help you remove Magisk and unroot your device.

Method 1: Uninstall Magisk using TWRP Recovery

  1. First you need to download Magisk Uninstaller ZIP (Download).
  2. Save it to your phone’s internal storage.
  3. Turn off the phone and restart it in recovery mode by pressing the power button + volume down button. (The key combination will depend on the manufacturer of your device.)
  4. Now, once inside the TWRP recovery, choose the “Install” option.TWRP Recovery
  5. Navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Magisk Uninstaller ZIP file and select it.TWRP Recovery Locate Magisk Uninstaller Zip
  6. Once you’ve selected the uninstaller’s flashable file, slide the bottom bar to continue.TWRP Recovery Magisk Zip Uninstaller
  7. After the flashing process is complete, hit the ‘Reboot System’ option and everything will be back to business as usual.TWRP Recovery Magisk Uninstall Successful
  8. Brave! You have completely unrooted your device and removed Magisk.

Do you think it’s a pretty straightforward method? Yes, it is. But you can also uninstall Magisk directly from its app, which is even simpler and more manageable.

Method 2: Uninstall Magisk using the app

Unlike the previous method, with this one you don’t need to make the effort to install the uninstall file and have to restart the device. In this process, you can uninstall Magisk with a few clicks.

What you have to do is simply open the app and follow the guide:

  1. At the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see an uninstall option, click on it.Uninstalling Magisk Zip
  2. Then a pop-up message will open, select the ‘Complete uninstall’ option .Complete uninstallation of Magisk
  3. Now, the app will ask you for permission that we will give you by clicking Allow.
  4. You’ll automatically download the uninstall package and the device will restart.

F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

If you have any questions regarding Magisk, we have covered some aspects that people usually ask:

What is Magisk Root?

Magisk Root is a solution to root Android devices that will allow users to expand the functions of their smartphone and gain administrator privileges.

Is Android rooting legal?

Yes, Android rooting is legal in most countries, and many smartphones legally allow rooting devices like OnePlus and Xiaomi. But on the downside, you’ll lose the warranty.

What is Magisk Hide?

Magisk Hide is one of the most revolutionary features of Magisk. It helps to hide the root to a particular app, such as all banking apps, PUBG, Call of Duty, Pokemon Go, etc. The silver lining of using this feature is that they won’t bother you with annoying notifications.

Is the Magisk app risk-free?

The team of developers made a great effort to make Magisk risk-free by not mixing with the system files, so hackers cannot access the system kernel. So, don’t worry about the risks as it is a safe and reliable platform.

Is the Magisk app free?

Yes, the APK of the Magisk app is free. You don’t need to pay any kind of money. Simply press the download button above and get hold of the Magisk app.

What can Magisk do?

Magisk is an all-in-one rooting tool and can ensure a secure platform, systemless interface, module loading, maintain root permission, hide root status from any specific application or software, and more. In addition, it is open source, so everyone can create their own modules and upload them to the Magisk repository. In addition, regular updates come directly to your phone; it gives a sense of security and protection compared to other malicious programs.

Does rooting void the Android phone’s warranty?

On most Android devices, yes, you can void your phone’s warranty. Unless you are using a Oneplus or Xiaomi branded device that exclusively provide the privilege of rooting devices. Although you can keep the warranty by simply unrooting the device.

What is Magisk systemless?

Magisk systemless means that Magisk files do not interfere with either the boot partition or the system partition while keeping all essential data and software on the internal storage.

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